The Moral Dimension of Climate Change

4:00-5:00pm, March 30, 2022

Engage with the All Party Parliamentary Interfaith Caucus to explore the values that should inform Canadian climate policy.

About this event

The Moral Dimension of Climate Change

6 - 7 pm EST, 4-5 pm CST Wed Mar 30, online

As the indicators of climate change become more alarming, the search for solutions has also become more urgent. However, the nature of the challenge also raises questions that go beyond straightforward scientific or policy fixes. What are the values that should inform our climate policy? How do we bridge political divides to generate new forms of social cooperation in the search for solutions? What new narratives can help us to navigate this next step in human civilization?

Participate with: Prof. Ken Boessenkool (McGill University) Prof. Tzeporah Berman (York University); Indigenous Archbishop Mark MacDonald (Anglican Church of Canada); Levi Minderhoud (Association for Reform Political Action); and Bhaskar Goswami, along with Members of Parliament Daniel Blaikie, Garnett Genuis, Elizabeth May and Sameer Zuberi.