Munch Lunch - for Glen Elm school

Munch Lunch: Eastside has initiated a partnership with Glen Elm School and Munch CafĂ© to provide a lunch program for children, at the school, who do not have a lunch. The LSC staff has agreed to support this program as a

shared ministry. Munch will work with older children from the school to make lunches and educate them on making healthy lunches. The program is called Munch Lunch and will take place each Monday from 1-4pm in the

LSC kitchen, starting Sept 16 and continue as a pilot project to Dec 16. If it goes well it could continue with further funding.

We need 1-2 volunteers/lay leaders each Monday to help out in the kitchen with the food preparation (not the same people each week). Volunteers would work alongside students (grade 5-8) in assembling sandwiches: you

will be preparing sandwich fillings, washing lettuce, assembling and wrapping sandwiches, and there may also be some dishwashing. If you are interested and able to help out once a month, please contact the office or Russell

([email protected]) and indicate if you want a particular week. If you cannot help but wish to support the program, you may donate a gift card for Wholesale foods, Superstore or Costco to help with food costs, which

can be dropped off at the office.

September 6, 2019 | Bread of Life Lutheran Church