Worship Protocols Beginning Sunday, July 11/21:

For Bread Of Life… 

Worship Protocols Beginning starting Sunday, July 11/21:

-       We will now return to having in-person worship every Sunday.

-       You will no longer need to register for services and we are setting aside attendance limits.

-       We do encourage you to continue to be attentive to physical distancing recommendations between household units. However.. this will no longer be “mapped” nor will seats be assigned.

-       The wearing of masks will be a personal choice (but it might be caring to check with the people seated near you to ensure they are comfortable).

-       For July we ask you to continue to bring your own bread for communion (to give us time to work out our new communion practice).

-       Singing is allowed AND ENCOURAGED “Make a Joyful noise”!!

-       For the time being we will refrain from offering after-worship coffee though socializing (especially outside) is allowed.


July 16, 2021 | Bread of Life Lutheran Church