Refugee Ministry Update – Part Three

Refugee Ministry Update – Part Three. Three Eritrean men stuck in Israel.

Our community partner is Yonatan Michael and his friends and family. We became connected with Yonatan through our previous sponsorship of Eritrean folks. Yonatan and friends/family immigrated as refugees a number of years ago.  The group has deposited significant funds in trust with BOL and they are ready to provide all resettlement assistance.  The Government of Canada has officially approved the applications; they are now awaiting interview dates.

Eritrean refugees stuck in Israel is a common story we are hearing. These folks face the Israeli threat of deportation back to Eritrea, a country where many of them have never even lived.  Yonatan tells me that at present the three men live in the Haifa area, and have some seasonal work picking fruit. It is difficult to predict a timeline for this file.

Pastor Larry Fry

May 24, 2019 | Bread of Life Lutheran Church