40 Years... of Opening Hearts & Opening Doors

A message from Pastor Stewart

By Oct 1982... forty years ago... Pastor Bob Goos had already spent much of two years knocking on doors (in East Regina) getting to know you.and beginning to share the journey of faith & discipleship with you. As you each opened your hearts and doors to one another, a dream

began to take shape and the adventure began. The first big step came when you began to hold worship together. Then came the first big milestone - your formation as a congregation of the (then) Central Canada Synod of the Lutheran Church in America.

And what a wild/wonderful journey it has been since.. building a building.. new pastors & interns.. entering into the ecumenical partnership we now call the Living Spirit Centre.. and indeed declaring ourselves a Reconciling In Christ congregation (intentionally welcoming, giving dignity to and pledging advocacy for people of the LGBTQ+ community). Each of these challenging us to open ourselves (our hearts & doors) to both the call of the Gospel, each other and the world around us. Each step supported, goaded, empowered, and inspired by Christ and the Spirit “moving mightily” among us.

Next month we will celebrate our 40th year as a congregation and all God has done in & with us. Plans include an evening of fun, music and community on Saturday October 29th (“Savoury Saturday” with wine, cheese, crackers etc.) and then a special Worship event on “Sweet Sunday” (WITH CUPCAKES!!!) – Oct 30th.

Over the next weeks we plan to get a phoning group together to reach out to as many folks as we can with a “how ya’ doin’” and a personal invite to come out (or tune in) and be a part of the celebrations. (So, if you see a weird number on your phone or get a strange message on your voice mail it could be us!?!) Please mark the date in your calendars... AND if YOU know someone with a connection to Bread of Life who we may not have a contact for or has moved on.. please share the info with us or just give them an invite yourself. And indeed.. even if you feel relatively “new” to Bread Of Life.. realize that we value/love you as much as anyone and this is your chance to get to know each other even a bit better. EVERYONE... past.. present or even future(??) is WELCOME!!!

After these last long two plus years (of “pandemic”) a party is maybe just what we need most – a chance to reconnect.. remember who we are.. and begin to look to what we might yet become!!!

I for one.. am looking forward to it!! Hope you are too! Be well, be safe BE HOPE!!!


- Pastor Stewart – Sept 15/22

September 15, 2022 | Bread of Life Lutheran Church