Thank You for All of Your Help

We would like to take a moment and acknowledge the many people that came together to help with the 40th Anniversary weekend celebration

Thank yous for the 40th Anniversary

We had a wonderful 40th Anniversary celebration on October 29-30! I’d like to extend a special thank you to all of the committee members and share a bit about the tasks each took on.

  • Pastor Stewart: organized the committee and shared his vision of a party! Came up with the celebration name of “Opening Hearts, Opening Doors,” compiled the phoning lists and organized the phoners; organized updates to the church directory; compiled the songs for our singalong and sang a special song from the 80s
  • Renee Bechard: worked with Brent Langenberger to get the Eventbrite site set up and helped throughout in so many ways
  • Valerie Brown: came up with the names Savoury Saturday and Sweet Sunday; went through all of the old directories to compile names for phoning; made and organized the trivia quiz
  • Gwen Fex: jumped in and helped with everything and kept us organized.
  • Lee Gebhardt: went through church photos and compiled the photo albums and set up the display
  • Joanne McLeod: bought and donated the wine permit and the wine; took photos throughout the events both days; organized and set up the photo booth
  • Wendy Milne: organized all the food for Saturday and Sunday with Munch, bought the chips, organized the food tables; went through church photos and compiled the photo albums and set up the display
  • Terry Rostad: compiled the church history; bought and organized all of the beverages and beverage tables
  • Andrea Shoobert: wrote and organized the skit; made the free will offering sign and basket; brought the props for the photo booth
  • Paula Welke: helped with all of the set up on Saturday and Sunday

And everyone else who helped out:

  • Pastor David: emceed the Saturday event and arranged for visits from Dr. Martin Luther and Ricky; calmly managed all the last-minute details
  • Pastor Jerry: helped so much with the phoning; served as trivia quiz master with style, improvisation, and his amazing good humour; served as the guest preacher Sunday morning
  • Pastor Frank: for read the welcome statement Sunday morning
  • Pastor Larry Fry: read the lessons Sunday morning
  • Pastor Bob Goos: wrote the Bread of Life song and sent his greetings for organizing and serving our mission congregation and getting the East Sanctuary built; and for sending greetings
  • Pastor Carla Blakley: brought greetings and memories Saturday night
  • Pastor Amber Hoffman: sent greetings
  • Gail Fry: well, where to start? Phoned current and former choir members, chose the choir selections and brought them together for rehearsals; brought photos for the photo display table; provided the music and lyrics for the Bread of Life song and our benediction
  • Josh Hendrickson: our wonderful pianist and soloist
  • The Choir: present and past for the beautiful selections Saturday evening and Sunday morning
  • Holley Schuman: provided special decorations for the anniversary weekend
  • The skit actors: who knew we had such talent!
  • Brayden Barrett: managed the recording equipment and streaming Saturday evening and Sunday morning
  • Brent Langenberger: set up the Eventbrite site and streamed the Saturday evening program and Sunday morning service to Facebook
  • Rob Milne and Brent Rostad: helped with the set up and clean up both Saturday evening and Sunday morning; served the wine Saturday evening
  • Cheryl Conly and Becca Anderson: booked the spaces for the meetings and celebration; prepared materials
  • Munch: provided the charcuterie boxes for Saturday evening and the cupcakes for Sunday morning
November 4, 2022 | Bread of Life Lutheran Church