Did you know that for every pastor to complete their educational journey, they are required to spend a 12-18 month period working intentionally and intensively alongside an experienced Pastor??  In our Lutheran gig, we refer to this as our “Internship”.  Our own Brooklyn Lane recently finished her internship time up in Prince Albert.  And likewise, next year, Diane Nokonechny is scheduled to take on her posting(location TBA).

The purpose of this part of the seminary experience is likely just what you imagine it to be – a time to take all that “head stuff” we get at school out for a test drive in the actuality of day to day parish work.  It is to be a time of walking alongside another Pastor to see what works (and what doesn’t).. what fits (and what doesn’t) by both working with that Pastor AND getting a chance to take on the work solo(ish) in personal projects/ministry moments.  In the end you get a chance to figure out what kind of skills you have.. how to connect the book-stuff with your parishioner’s needs.. and what kinds of skills you need to work on developing more purposefully.  Many would argue it is one of the most critical parts of a pastor’s education.

These days, many creative things need to be worked out to provide students with both a useful & workable internship.  In particular, the changing nature of “church” also demands both innovative & flexible pastors.  Among the “creative” ideas for the Fall 2020 crop of interns is the proposal that Bread of Life and the folks of St. Paul’s Edenwold work with me (Pr. Stewart) to invite an intern to join us for approximately 16 months beginning in September.  As it turns out Pastor Stewart has quite a bit of experience with interns having been assigned 10 over the last 25 years or so of his ministry.

The fine details of how this will unfold are still being worked out but the bare bones are that.. the assigned intern would work with me, and together we would take care of the worship and pastoral care needs of Edenwold.  By working out a formula of sharing Pastor Stewart’s time, the Intern’s time, and the costs of the stipend we feel that this will be an enhancement for all the parties combined. (Early figuring is that Edenwold will likely cover 75% of the monetary costs.. Pastor Stewart will serve as Interim Pastor of Edenwold.. and the intern will give their time to programs & worship in both places as they work alongside Pastor Stewart.)

Bread Of Life has had interns before and enjoyed the gifts of having these young(in their ministry) student pastors sharing their time with us.  The added bonus of being able to work with a neighboring congregation fits well with the Bread of Life mission.

If you have any questions about how this will all work out and/or what interns do, please make sure you come to worship on Jan 19th when a representative of the Seminary – Pastor Ann Salmon – will be with us or feel free to call our myself or our Chair Brent Langenburger.

-       Pastor Stewart Jan 9/20

January 9, 2020 | Bread of Life Lutheran Church