“Getting to know you... getting to know all about you..”

One of the unique and important aspects of our life as the congregation of Bread of Life IN the Living Spirit Centre is the unique opportunity we have to get know and share the walk/work with people of two other denominational families – the United Ch of Canada & the Anglican Ch of Canada. Over the

past years this has been nurtured by our summer “Church Crashing” – where we all worship together, lead each Sunday by a different set of leaders from each congregation.

Once again this year, we WILL be sharing summer worship (albeit sadly our Anglican friends can’t join us – over the next months they will be working with an intentional interim priest to help them focus their sense of being a new congregation). Thus, over this summer (beginning July 3) our worship will be lead (randomly) by either the Eastside United folks or by Bread of Life folks. To enable this, we will be moving our worship time to 10 am (thru the Sept long weekend).

The strength of this unity we work toward as people of God worshiping together and our serving in this community is that we stand as a bright example of what it looks like when people set aside what seems to make them “different” from each other to celebrate what they have in common. In our case, this is a celebration of each congregation’s commitment to make the love of God real and tangible for people... to live that love for each other in an open & intentional Welcome extended to everyone who might find their way to join us... and in our deep sense of calling to serve God’s world in all the ways we can. I know that every time I explain the unique thing that the Living Spirit Centre embodies, the people I am speaking to reply with some version of “Wow.. that is so cool.. more churches/my church should do that!!!”

And so I encourage you.. rather than seeing summer as “low season” in and for the church (ie when not much is happening), maybe this year make it a priority to come to as many different services as you can (either in-person or via the internet). Let’s look at these Sundays as special opportunities to hear a different voice, and different aspect of what the walk of faith can look like. Or even more simply.. let’s see this as a chance to get to know one another just a bit more. (You can, of course, still do this even if you are “away” during the summer by taking the occasional Sunday to attend a different congregation where you are that weekend.)

Whatever the summer brings you.. and where ever it takes you.. may it be the time of recreation and RE-creation it is meant to be. May you take time to relish the relationships of your life.. the fun of life.. and the times of Sabbath rest.. vacations can afford us. But let us never forget that the call of God to love and serve each other is still a 365 day/year (life-long) calling! And with every new morning there is a new reason to turn to God in humility and gratitude.

Blessed summer to all!
Be well, be safe... BE HOPE!

- Pastor Stewart, June 14/22

June 14, 2022 | Bread of Life Lutheran Church