Summer Stuff from/about Pastor Stewart…

Summer Stuff from/about Pastor Stewart…

So far this summer I have fit in three of my weeks of holidays (some time in Montreal & out Alberta way).  In addition, I have just returned from the National Worship Conference (Lutheran/Anglican) in Victoria.  The theme of this year’s conference was “Responding to Disaster” during which we looked at the rise of “secular” rituals to personal & community events alongside what we have (in the past) done and what resources we as church have to offer.  It was very interesting.. especially for we who came from the province where an event like the Humboldt crash touched so many.

Soon.. I will also be heading out with 9 youth and two leaders to attend the National Canadian Lutheran/Anglican Youth gathering (CLAY) in Thunder Bay.  This year the theme is “Threads” and looks at how we weave out stories together with the Christ story to build our faith and let ourselves be moved to action.  It should be very exciting!  We leave early Sunday, Aug 12 & return a week and a bit later.

If you have any concerns during my absence please go ahead and call my cell.  I will arrange what I can from where ever I am.  Hope you too are having an adventuresome time!


-          Pastor Stewart

August 12, 2018 | Bread of Life Lutheran Church