Sunday School Christmas Program

Searching & Hoping… (SUNDAY SCHOOL STUFF) we are looking for someone who might be willing to work with our Sunday School Age folks for a couple of weeks in December to prepare them to sing a couple of songs in church on Sunday, Dec 16.  The “Christmas Program” this year is going to be a whole congregation event with lots of music from all the talented folks/groups in our church.  If you would be willing to help the kids get ready to do their part (nothing huge or pageant like) please talk to Marilyn Leier or Pastor Stewart

…….. Oh and we are still gathering names and contact info for our Sunday School aged little people.  So if you have kids in your family or among your friends you would like us to touch base with .. please call the office and give that info to Cheryl.

November 2, 2018 | Bread of Life Lutheran Church