The Days Are Surely Coming Says The Lord…

The Days Are Surely Coming Says The Lord… 

In the book of Jeremiah, this is a phrase that he uses as an introduction to a word of prophecy.. often to a word promising a soon coming time of release and new hope.  Today I likewise use it as a precursor to a promise (one that may likely be just as hard for you to believe as were Jeremiah’s).  My promise is that, in spite of the forecasts that we were to have yet another snow storm this week, in spite of the still un-melted 3 feet of snow in my backyard, in spite of the still below zero overnight lows… “The days are surely coming says the Lord.. when SPRING will finally come!!!!”  (Even to Saskatchewan!!)

By way of my show of confidence in this promise, this Sunday we are going to be boldly proclaiming our faith in that hope by doing something that did not seem nearly as silly to think about back in January when we planned it.  We are going to take time in our service to “Bless The Seeds & Soil” - in preparation for (what is for many of you.. the true first day of Spring) the day when you finally get to get back into your garden!!!

The church - both rural & urban - has a long tradition of looking at those who take on the special work of gardening or tilling the soil as grand examples of what it means to be “Good Stewards” of the earth.  After all technically it was the first job God gave us.. to be workers with God in the tending of “THE Garden”. (From the creation story)  And even I, who quite honestly, am not a big fan of the whole thing myself, do have great respect for people who love to be that connected to the dirt and the cycles of life.  There is a unique kind of faithfulness & trust that you live when putting seed in the ground and then entrusting it to God’s elements to bring forth beauty and fruit.

This Sunday we will be blessing a symbolic display of plants & seeds & soil as a way of recognizing both Saskatchewan’s deep rootedness in the calling to be the “Bread Basket of the World” AND the smaller but just as faithful work of those who tend & care for their own patches of promise.  And then, of course.. when all this comes full circle.. so too a day will come when we will celebrate “harvest home”. (Thanksgiving)

For those who do all that work to put their love for God and the earth into action that way - May God’s Blessing be upon all your plantings and dreams.  And for those of us not quite so much inclined, let us never forget to give thanks for those who do that work to feed the world - be it with food or beauty.

And indeed yes.. “the days ARE surely coming..” when the sun will finally once more warm the ground, and it too will join us in the resurrection celebration that is Spring.


-       Pastor Stewart

April 25, 2018 | Bread of Life Lutheran Church