Working Toward Community

May 2, 2019

Working Toward Community

There are untold number of challenges to being a healthy, thriving church these days.  Among them.. that of creating “community” (in all the ways you might define that) is one of the most perplexing.  On the one hand.. it can seems like we are MORE connected these days than we have ever been (courtesy of the ubiquitous cell phone and all the various forms of social media).  At the same time… on the other hand.. there are a plethora of studies that would say just the opposite.. that people struggle with a deep sense of disconnection and loneliness.  On the other, other hand… (how many hands does this have??)… one of the most common complaints you hear from pretty much everyone is that few of us have any time to spend on community even if we could find one to be a part of!?!?!?

As a church/congregation however, there is no getting around the fact that - both traditionally and Biblically -  nurturing, healing & up building, intentional & empowering relationships is at the core of who we are.  And so… in spite of how hard it can be… we keep working at it!!!

Of late, one of the interesting things I have noticed is that though once (“back in the day”) inviting people to get to know one another via social/fun engagements was THE starting spot for everything, such is not so much the case anymore.  It is often just as “effective” to just get at it!?!  As in.. sometimes giving people a chance to DO SOMETHING (especially something that may offer us a chance to make a dint/difference in the world) is what people will bite on.

This month – a bit later in this newsletter – you can read about a new/renewed committee that is taking shape at Bread of Life that might be just what some of you are looking for.  The “Outreach” committee is meant to be an opportunity for folks to give a stronger voice and focus for Bread of Life’s work  outside the doors of our church (giving to and working with others in the world).  In the weeks ahead we are hoping that a few of you will step forward to be on this committee AND that even more of you will step up when they give us a chance to take on a new service or work that turns God’s grace outward.

Easter is to be a season where we celebrate resurrection.  The plan to renew this group is by itself a resurrection.  The work this group invites us to is ultimately the sharing of resurrecting grace with the world.

-           Pr. Stewart, May 2, 2019

May 2, 2019 | Bread of Life Lutheran Church